China Haining Socks
  2012 China (Shanghai) International Hosiery Purchasing
  The 9th Dessous China 2005
  The 13th CHIC 2005 (Men & Casual)
  pp spunbonded nonwoven fabric
  The 3rd China International Knitting Trade Fair
Association's information
    Haining Socks Association:
    Haining Socks Association established in Dec. 2002, first members are 33 socks manufactuers in      Haining, inceased 14 new members, now there are 47 socks factorys in our association.

    Since socks association is set up, as goverment's support and all the members's cooperation, we protect members' legal benefit and focuse the guide, comunication, service for members, and the research,program, organize show, for the socks business, as well as development of new member, making socks website, strategy to USA's limitaion for Chinese socks; offering related information etc. We encourage the member with the situation of the socks development, at the same time offer information to goverment.In order to develop Haining traditional socks business, we insist the base of scientific combining with internation market's rule and situation, and follow China' a system, focuse on technology, talent, brand, we believe we can have a excellent future.

    Haining Socks business situation
    Up to the end of 2004, Haining has socks 330 manufacturers located in Haichang, Haizhou, Xiashi, Maqiao, Yuanhua etc., thereinto Haichang has over 100 factorys , which the third of all the socks factorys. Haining boasts totally 6000pcs socks machines, 4000pcs imported machines, 1000pcs local machines, over 10000 people in socks business, most products are medium and high quality socks of cotton socks, filaments socks, sports socks, slipper socks, toe socks, printing socks, tights, pantyhose etc. the new item mostly exported to Europe are corset, computer design, deodorized pantyhose.
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